La audiencia juvenil y el acceso a la radio musical de antena convencional a través de internet

Maria Gutiérrez, Xavier Ribes, Belén Monclús

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Youngsters have very fast adapted to the new digital environment making the most of all possibilities it is offering, whereas radio has slowly reacted with not exactly knowing what its role is in this new ecosystem. Whereas the radio sector deploys the most part of its website's actives, youngsters aged 14-24 years old have preferably opted for the consumption of music content, which they manage themselves in confectioning their playlists; an action that has got the interference of media radio blurred in their media diet. In fact, 25% of youngsters have expressly showed determined disaffection for radio as media. In addition to it, those who listen to radio spend shorter lapse of time in it (the amount of time of content expo- sure during broadcasting time goes around 15 minutes per day) and with paying not much attention to it (performing other activities at the same time). However, the music offer provided by radio is still referential for them when they make up their own playlists to be heard in their mobile devices. The data presented in this article is part of the Radio and Youths research. Current problems and future rends, a research commissioned by the Associació Catalana de Ràdio (Catalan Radio Association) financed by the Culture and Media Department of the Catalan Autonomous Government and carried by the Observatori de la Ràdio a Catalunya (l'OBS, Catalan Radio Observatory).
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)305-331
JournalComunicación y Sociedad
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2011


  • Internet radio
  • Music radio
  • Radio audience
  • Strategies and consumption
  • Youths

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