The role of viral and host microRNAs in the Aujeszky's disease virus during the infection process

Oriol Timoneda, Fernando Núñez-Hernández, Ingrid Balcells, Marta Muñoz, Anna Castelló, Gonzalo Vera, Lester J. Pérez, Raquel Egea, Gisela Mir, Sarai Córdoba, Rosa Rosell, Joaquim Segalés, Anna Tomàs, Armand Sánchez, José I. Núñez

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Porcine production is a primary market in the world economy. Controlling swine diseases in the farm is essential in order to achieve the sector necessities. Aujeszky's disease is a viral condition affecting pigs and is endemic in many countries of the world, causing important economic losses in the swine industry. microRNAs (miRNAs) are non-coding RNAs which modulates gene expression in animals, plants and viruses. With the aim of understanding miRNA roles during the Aujeszky's disease virus [ADV] (also known as suid herpesvirus type 1 [SuHV-1]) infection, the expression profiles of host and viral miRNAs were determined through deep sequencing in SuHV-1 infected porcine cell line (PK-15) and in an animal experimental SuHV-1 infection with virulent (NIA-3) and attenuated (Begonia) strains. In the in vivo approach miR-206, miR-133a, miR-133b and miR-378 presented differential expression between virus strains infection. In the in vitro approach, most miRNAs were down-regulated in infected groups. miR-92a and miR-92b-3p were up-regulated in Begonia infected samples. Functional analysis of all this over expressed miRNAs during the infection revealed their association in pathways related to viral infection processes and immune response. Furthermore, 8 viral miRNAs were detected by stem loop RT-qPCR in both in vitro and in vivo approaches, presenting a gene regulatory network affecting 59 viral genes. Most described viral miRNAs were related to Large Latency Transcript (LLT) and to viral transcription activators EP0 and IE180, and also to regulatory genes regarding their important roles in the host - pathogen interaction during viral infection. © 2014 Timoneda et al.
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere86965
JournalPLoS ONE
Publication statusPublished - 24 Jan 2014


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