Testing Bonner sphere spectrometers in the JRC-IRMM mono-energetic neutron beams

R. Bedogni, C. Domingo, A. Esposito, M. Chiti, M. J. Garca-Fust, G. Lovestam

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Within the framework of the Euratom Transnational Access programme, a specific sub-programme, called NUDAME (neutron data measurements at IRMM), was dedicated to support neutron measurement experiments at the accelerator-based facilities of the JRC-IRMM Geel, Belgium. In this context, the INFN-LNF and UAB groups undertook two separate experiments at the 7 MV Van de Graaff facility, aimed at testing their Bonner sphere spectrometers (BSS) with mono-energetic neutron beams. Both research groups routinely employ the BSS in neutron spectra measurements for radiation protection dosimetry purposes, where accurate knowledge of the BSS response is a mandatory condition for correct dose evaluations. This paper presents the results obtained by both groups, focusing on: (1) the comparison between the value of neutron fluence provided as reference data and that obtained by applying the FRUIT unfolding code to the measured BSS data and (2) the experimental validation of the response matrices of the BSSs, previously derived with Monte Carlo simulations. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.


  • Bonner spheres
  • FRUIT unfolding code
  • Mono-energetic neutron fields
  • Neutron spectrometry


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