Survey adaptation for bio-behavioural surveillance of HIV in Chilean female sex workers

Bielka Carvajal, Valeria Stuardo, José Manuel Manríquez, Julieta Belmar, Cinta Folch

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    © 2016 SESPAS Objective To adapt a behavioural questionnaire for second-generation HIV/AIDS surveillance in female sex workers (FSWs) in the Metropolitan Region, Chile. Methods Qualitative study of instruments validation. A Spanish instrument adapted in Catalonia was validated through a translation and back-translation of the original version. The content validity was determined through a modified Delphi method, via FSW and HIV experts representing community, political and institutional levels. Applicability aspects were determined by the application of the questionnaire to FSW in the Metropolitan Region. Results The questionnaire, drafted in Spain, was successfully adapted to Chilean Spanish. The content validity process enabled sections to be created that address HIV in FSWs. The adapted questionnaire takes less than 15 minutes to complete, which makes it usable in fieldwork. The 61 women surveyed came from different countries (all were Latin Americans) and had different educational levels; all this enabled potential applicability problems to be detected. Discussion The adapted questionnaire for Chile contains all the UNAIDS indicators for FSWs, as well as the recommended indicators of Family Health International for bio-behavioural surveillance. Said questionnaire serves as a tool for second-generation HIV/other STD surveillance and further contributes to preventive policies in Chilean FSWs.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)478-484
    JournalGaceta Sanitaria
    Issue number6
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2017


    • Delphi technique
    • Epidemiological surveillance
    • HIV
    • Sex workers

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