Investigadoras con éxito en la Universidad... ¿cómo lo han logrado?

Translated title of the contribution: Successful women researchers at the university... how have they come to achieve it?

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We present the results of a research analysing the conditions that influence the successful research career of academic women in the field of the social sciences. In our research we used in-depth interview in a sample of academics pertaining to Catalan public universities, all of them leaders of research groups recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya. The interviews were structured according to the following topics: Individual conditions for academic success, group-type conditions and institutional factors. The results validated the theoretical categories and contributed to their enrichment, while -nevertheless- pointing the existence of a number of subcategories that can be studied in depth in future research. Among the individual factors for success in academic careers participants mentioned: «The passion for knowing», the sociocultural factors, the research periods abroad, the perseverance and tenacity, the support of family, respect of biological time and the relationship with a mentor. Among the factors linked to the group, we can highlight: The balance between individual and group work, the research experience exchange between team members, participation in competitive team projects and a leadership style based on mediation and delegation. Finally, the following institutional factors were also highlighted: The existence of other research groups with which they compete, the convergence between research and teaching activities, the coordination of research project and financial support from national and European bodies.
Translated title of the contributionSuccessful women researchers at the university... how have they come to achieve it?
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)39-57
Number of pages19
JournalEducacion XX1
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 24 Dec 2013


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