Stability enhancement of clinical grade multipotent mesenchymal stromal cell-based products

Clémentine Mirabel, Eduard Puente-Massaguer, Anna Del Mazo-Barbara, Blanca Reyes, Philip Morton, Francesc Gòdia, Joaquim Vives

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© 2018 The Author(s). Background: Successful delivery of cell-based therapeutics into patients is compromised by their short shelf-life upon release from production facilities due to the living nature of the active component that rapidly loses viability, and therefore its properties. In this context, the use of appropriate additives may contribute to the stabilisation of the cellular component within specifications for a longer time until administration. Results: In the present study, we evaluated the effect of different formulations on the stability of viability, identity, and potency of clinical grade multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells in suspension, both electrolyte solution and protein content were found to impact on their shelf-life. Particularly cryopreservation of cells in a Plasmalyte 148 supplemented with 2% (w/v) AlbIX (a yeast-derived recombinant albumin) and 10% (v/v) dimethyl sulfoxide, and final formulation post-thawing in Plasmalyte 148 supplemented with 2% (w/v) AlbIX enabling prolonged stability from 24 h up to 72 h in optimal conditions. Further investigation on the mechanisms of action involved revealed a delay of apoptosis progression into late stage when AlbIX was present. Conclusions: The use of optimal formulations for each cell type of interest is crucial to extend the shelf life of cell-based pharmaceuticals and contribute to solve logistical challenges. We demonstrated that the use of Plasmalyte 148 supplemented with 2% (w/v) AlbIX resulted in superior stability of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells without affecting their identity and multipotency.
Original languageEnglish
Article number291
JournalJournal of Translational Medicine
Publication statusPublished - 24 Oct 2018


  • Apoptosis
  • Cell culture
  • Cellular therapy
  • Logistics
  • Multipotent mesenchymal stromal cell
  • Potency assay
  • Quality compliance
  • Stability assessment


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