Spanish Pompe registry: Baseline characteristics of first 49 patients with adult onset of Pompe disease

Jorge Alonso-Pérez, Sonia Segovia, Cristina Domínguez-González, Montse Olivé, María Dolores Mendoza Grimón, Roberto Fernández-Torrón, Adolfo López de Munain, José Luis Muñoz-Blanco, Alba Ramos-Fransi, Miriam Almendrote, Isabel Illa, Jordi Díaz-Manera

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© 2019 Introduction and objectives: Pompe disease is a rare autosomal recessive disorder produced by a deficiency of acid maltase. This deficit produces an accumulation of glycogen in tissues. Clinically it is mainly characterized by limb girdle and respiratory muscle weakness. In 2013, we developed the Spanish Pompe Registry. The objective of this article was to analyse the characteristics of the first 49 patients and disclose the existence of this registry within the medical community. Material and methods: An observational retrospective study was undertaken. We analysed the 49 patients included in the Spanish Registry of Pompe Disease from May 2013 to October 2018. Results: Patients were visited at 7 different Spanish hospitals. Twenty-six patients were women and 23 were men. The average age at the time of the analysis was 47.2 years. Ten patients were asymptomatic. The mean age of onset of symptoms was 29, and low limb girdle weakness was the most frequent initial symptom. Of the patients, 49% had respiratory involvement, and 70.8% of them required non-invasive mechanical ventilation. The most common mutation found was IVS1−13T>G in 85.3% of the patients. All symptomatic patients received treatment with ERT. Conclusions: This registry allows us to know the clinical and genetic characteristics of adult patients with Pompe disease in Spain. Moreover, it can be the basis for future studies of natural history to understand the impact of ERT in the course of the disease.
Original languageEnglish
JournalMedicina Clinica
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2019


  • Enzyme replacement therapy
  • Glycogenosis type II
  • Patient registry
  • Pompe disease
  • Spanish Registry of Neuromuscular Diseases

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