Search for coherent charged pion production in neutrino-carbon interactions

M. Hasegawa, E. Aliu, S. Andringa, S. Aoki, J. Argyriades, K. Asakura, R. Ashie, H. Berns, H. Bhang, A. Blondel, S. Borghi, J. Bouchez, J. Burguet-Castell, D. Casper, C. Cavata, A. Cervera, S. M. Chen, K. O. Cho, J. H. Choi, U. DoreX. Espinal, M. Fechner, E. Fernandez, Y. Fukuda, J. Gomez-Cadenas, R. Gran, T. Hara, T. Hasegawa, K. Hayashi, Y. Hayato, R. L. Helmer, J. Hill, K. Hiraide, J. Hosaka, A. K. Ichikawa, M. Iinuma, A. Ikeda, T. Inagaki, T. Ishida, K. Ishihara, T. Ishii, M. Ishitsuka, Y. Itow, T. Iwashita, H. I. Jang, E. J. Jeon, I. S. Jeong, K. K. Joo, G. Jover, C. K. Jung, T. Kajita, J. Kameda, K. Kaneyuki, I. Kato, E. Kearns, D. Kerr, C. O. Kim, M. Khabibullin, A. Khotjantsev, D. Kielczewska, J. Y. Kim, S. B. Kim, P. Kitching, K. Kobayashi, T. Kobayashi, A. Konaka, Y. Koshio, W. Kropp, J. Kubota, Y. Kudenko, Y. Kuno, T. Kutter, J. Learned, S. Likhoded, I. T. Lim, P. F. Loverre, L. Ludovici, H. Maesaka, J. Mallet, C. Mariani, T. Maruyama, S. Matsuno, V. Matveev, C. Mauger, K. McConnel, C. McGrew, S. Mikheyev, A. Minamino, S. Mine, O. Mineev, C. Mitsuda, M. Miura, Y. Moriguchi, T. Morita, S. Moriyama, T. Nakadaira, M. Nakahata, K. Nakamura, I. Nakano, T. Nakaya

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We report the result from a search for charged-current coherent pion production induced by muon neutrinos with a mean energy of 1.3 GeV. The data are collected with a fully active scintillator detector in the K2K long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. No evidence for coherent pion production is observed, and an upper limit of 0.60×10-2 is set on the cross section ratio of coherent pion production to the total charged-current interaction at 90% confidence level. This is the first experimental limit for coherent charged pion production in the energy region of a few GeV. © 2005 The American Physical Society.
Original languageEnglish
Article number252301
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Publication statusPublished - 16 Dec 2005


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