Rheological properties of the anterior vaginal fluid from superovulated dairy heifers at estrus

F. López-Gatius, J. Miró, I. Sebastián, A. Ibarz, J. Labèrnia

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    Anterior vaginal fluid samples were collected from 25 dairy heifers induced to superovulation at 12 to 20 hours after estrus detection. Thixotropy and flow behavior were evaluated. In samples from 19 heifers, structural variation was registered and the fluids were considered to be thixotropic; in the remaining samples (6 heifers), structural variation was not registered and the fluids were considered to be nonthixotropic. The mean estradiol concentration of the thixotropic fluids (20.8 pg/ml) was lower (P=0.0002) than of the nonthixotropic samples (56.7 pg/ml). All the nonthixotropic samples of anterior vaginal fluid exhibited Newtonian behavior. Of the 25 thixotropic anterior vaginal fluid samples, 10 exhibited Newtonian behavior while 9 exhibited non-Newtonian behavior. Heifers in which samples exhibited Newtonian behavior had a higher mean estradiol concentration (38.8 pg/ml; P=0.003) than heifers in which samples exhibited non-Newtonian behavior (12.8 pg/ml). Estradiol concentrations were correlated negatively (P=0.02) with the index of consistency (r = -0.46) and were not related to structural variation (P=0.08), although a certain tendency was shown. These results have shown that thixotropic and flow behavior measurements in the anterior vaginal fluid of superovulated estrous heifers vary over a wide range and even qualitatively. This variation is related to estrogen levels: Fluidity increases with increased plasma estrogen values, and the integrity of the gel structure tends toward elimination. © 1993.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)167-180
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1993


    • estradiol
    • flow behavior
    • superovulated dairy heifers
    • thixotropy
    • vaginal fluid


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