Aspectos psicosociales de la calidad de vida en supervivientes pediátricos de tumores en el sistema nervioso central.

Marta Pérez-Campdepadrós, Carmina Castellano-Tejedor, Tomás Blasco

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Introduction: Central Nervous System Tumor (CNST) survivors tend to show worse HRQoLthan survivors of other types of cancer and general population. There are still many doubts about whatvariables and to what extend these are related to their HRQoL. Type and severity of late effects havenot a clear impact on HRQoL. However, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) changes as a specific late effectof this sample population, could modulate their HRQL. Furthermore, coping from both patients andparents, as well as parental distress could play a significant role modulating HRQoL in these survivors.Aim: To study whether survivors’ coping strategies and IQ, as well as coping, general stress and cancerrelateddistress of parents could modulate some psychosocial dimensions of their children HRQoL.Methodology: Correlational descriptive cross-sectional study. Thirty-seven teenagers (12-19 years old,both included) ≥1 year free of disease and 44 parents were recruited for the study. Results: When HRQoLis assessed by adolescents, the dimensions Parent Relations and Home Life, Social Support and Peer,and School Environment are related with the use of coping with problem style by adolescents. SocialAcceptance/Bullying dimension is related with nonproductive coping by the adolescent and helpseekingcoping style by parents. HRQoL assessed by parents is related with late effects, adolescents’ IQ, andtype of oncological treatment received. Discussion/Conclusion: Coping strategies, and specificallyproblem-solving strategies must be taken into account to assess and to intervene in the improvement ofHRQoL of this sample population.
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)217-236
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2018


  • Adolescence
  • Central nervous system tumors
  • Coping
  • HRQoL
  • QI
  • Survivors


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