Pseudo spin valves using a (112)-Textured D0<inf>22</inf> Mn<inf>2.3-2.4</inf>Ga fixed layer

C. L. Zha, R. K. Dumas, J. Persson, S. M. Mohseni, J. Nogues, J. Akerman

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We demonstrate pseudo spin valves (PSVs) with a (112)-textured D022 Mn2.3-2.4Ga (MnGa) tilted magnetization fixed layer and an in-plane CoFe free layer. Single D022 MnGa films exhibit a small magnetoresistance (MR) typically observed in metals. In MnGa/Cu/CoFe PSVs, a transition from a negative (-0.08%) to positive (3.88%) MR is realized by introducing a thin spin polarizing CoFe insertion layer at the MnGa/Cu interface and tailoring the MnGa thickness. Finally, the exchange coupling between the MnGa and CoFe insertion layer is studied using a first-order reversal curve technique. © 2010 IEEE.
Original languageEnglish
Article number5402688
JournalIEEE Magnetics Letters
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010


  • first-order reversal curve (FORC)
  • Magneto-electronics
  • negative magnetoresistance
  • spin valves
  • tilted polarizer


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