Polymer-Enhanced Stability of Inorganic Perovskite Nanocrystals and Their Application in Color Conversion LEDs

Michaela Meyns, Mariano Perálvarez, Amelie Heuer-Jungemann, Wim Hertog, Maria Ibáñez, Raquel Nafria, Aziz Genç, Jordi Arbiol, Maksym V. Kovalenko, Josep Carreras, Andreu Cabot, Antonios G. Kanaras

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    © 2016 American Chemical Society. Cesium lead halide (CsPbX3, X = Cl, Br, I) nanocrystals (NCs) offer exceptional optical properties for several potential applications but their implementation is hindered by a low chemical and structural stability and limited processability. In the present work, we developed a new method to efficiently coat CsPbX3 NCs, which resulted in their increased chemical and optical stability as well as processability. The method is based on the incorporation of poly(maleic anhydride-alt-1-octadecene) (PMA) into the synthesis of the perovskite NCs. The presence of PMA in the ligand shell stabilizes the NCs by tightening the ligand binding, limiting in this way the NC surface interaction with the surrounding media. We further show that these NCs can be embedded in self-standing silicone/glass plates as down-conversion filters for the fabrication of monochromatic green and white light emitting diodes (LEDs) with narrow bandwidths and appealing color characteristics.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)19579-19586
    JournalACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
    Issue number30
    Publication statusPublished - 3 Aug 2016


    • CsPbBr 3
    • LED
    • color conversion
    • inorganic perovskite nanocrystals
    • poly(maleic anhydride-alt-1-octadecene)


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