This book is a result of a R&D project funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain (2006-2009) entitled “Transcultural theory of reproduction of human groups: the anthropology of kinship as a study of the socio-cultural patterns of childbearing and rearing children”, which aimed at 1) the development of theoretical models of transcultural procreation and rearing of children, 2) the development of ethnographic procreative models, and 3) the cross-cultural evaluation of their scope. Throughout its 17 chapters, the 17 authors analyse socio-cultural aspects embedded in the reproduction of human groups and the various ways to understand, organize and carry out the processes of procreation and upbringing of children in different parts of the world, addressing topics such as: the conceptions regarding the formation of human beings; the adoption and circulation of children; the translocal and transnational procreative interethnic relations; and the intersections between kinship and gender systems, educational systems and health systems. All this is grounded in both bibliographic and ethnographic fieldwork in different countries and continents
Original languageSpanish
Place of PublicationBarcelona (ES)
PublisherPromociones y Publicaciones Universitarias S.A. (PPU)
Number of pages476
ISBN (Print)978-84-477-1125-3
Publication statusPublished - 20 Jul 2011

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