Muon identification with the event filter of the ATLAS experiment at CERN LHC

Gabriella Cataldi, A. Dos Anjos, W. Wiedenmann, G. Zobering, S. Armstrong, D. Damazio, T. Maeno, J. T.M. Baines, D. Emeliyanov, N. Kirk, F. J. Wickens, M. Wielers, C. P. Bee, C. Meessen, Z. Qian, F. Touchard, M. Biglietti, G. Carlino, F. Conventi, J. A. BogaertsP. Conde, N. Ellis, J. Haller, C. Padilla, P. Pinto, S. Rosati, C. Santamarina, T. Wengler, P. Werner, M. Bosman, P. Casado, H. Garitaonandia, C. Osuna, E. Segura, S. Sushkov, B. Caron, R. Moore, J. L. Pinfold, R. Soluk, S. J. Wheeler, G. Cataldi, E. Gorini, M. Primavera, S. Spagnolo, A. Ventura, D. Cavalli, S. Resconi, G. Comune, G. Crone, N. Konstantinidis, E. Stefanidis, M. Sutton, A. De Santo, S. George, R. Goncalo, G. Kilvington, A. Lowe, M. Diaz Gomez, A. Di Mattia, S. Falciano, L. Luminari, A. Nisati, B. Epp, V. Ghete, S. Kabana, V. Perez Reale, E. Thomas, A. Khomich, A. Kootz, A. J. Lankford, J. Masik, A. G. Mello, J. M. De Seixas, P. Morettini, F. Parodi, C. Schiavi, A. Negri, D. A. Scannicchio, V. Vercesi, N. Nikitin, S. Sivoklokov, N. Panikashvili, S. Tarem, S. Tapprogge, G. Usai, B. Venda Pinto

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The Large Hadron Collider at CERN offers unprecedented challenges to the design and construction of detectors and trigger/data acquisition systems. For ATLAS, a three level trigger system has been developed to extract interesting physics signatures with a 10 6 rate reduction. To accomplish this, components of physics analysis traditionally deferred to off-line physics analysis must be embedded within the on-line trigger system. For the Muon trigger, the specific off-line algorithms MOORE (Muon Object Oriented REconstruction) and MuId (Muon Identification) have been adopted so far for the on-line use, imposing an operation in a Bayesian-like environment where only specific hypotheses must be validated. After a short review of the ATLAS trigger, the paper shows the general strategy of the Muon Identification and Selection accessing the full event data, or being seeded from results derived at a previous stage of the trigger chain. © 2006 IEEE.
Original languageEnglish
Article number1644956
Pages (from-to)870-875
JournalIEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2006


  • Algorithms
  • Event filter
  • Mesons
  • Particle tracking
  • Pattern recognition
  • Trigger


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