Matrimonis mixtes i fills de la barreja a Catalunya: dels ‘xarnegos’ als ‘cafè amb llet’?

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As noted by historian Jaume Vicens Vives, Catalonia is “a product of many yeasts, and, therefore, a good slice of the country belongs to a biology and a culture of hybridity.” Furthermore, “mixedness” in Catalonia, the product of unions between natives and migrants (whether French, Andalusian, etc.), has always gone hand in hand with immigrant integration, including Francesc Candel’s “Other Catalans” or “charnegos,” the migrants who arrived in the 1940s-60s and who have long since become full citizens. However, little is known about both the extent and the social significance of mixed unions between the native population and recent foreign immigrants, who arrived during the international migration boom of the last decade. In this chapter, we show, first, the incidence and socio-demographic characteristics of this phenomenon at different times during the past and present in Catalonia. Second, we study social attitudes toward the current mixing, presenting first-hand information from mixed couples and their descendants that alerts us to trends in social discrimination, where racial appearance could limit the sense of belonging, the processes of socialization, and the social integration of the “new other Catalans".
Original languageCatalan
Title of host publicationMatrimonis mixtes i fills de la barreja a Catalunya: dels ‘xarnegos’ als ‘cafè amb llet’?
Publication statusPublished - May 2015

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