Management of cytomegalovirus infection in solid organ transplant recipients: SET/GESITRA-SEIMC/REIPI recommendations

J. Torre-Cisneros, J. M. Aguado, J. J. Caston, L. Almenar, A. Alonso, S. Cantisán, J. Carratalá, C. Cervera, E. Cordero, M. C. Fariñas, M. Fernández-Ruiz, J. Fortún, E. Frauca, J. Gavaldá, D. Hernández, I. Herrero, O. Len, F. Lopez-Medrano, N. Manito, M. A. MarcosP. Martín-Dávila, V. Monforte, M. Montejo, A. Moreno, P. Muñoz, D. Navarro, P. Pérez-Romero, A. Rodriguez-Bernot, J. Rumbao, R. San Juan, J. M. Vaquero, E. Vidal

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    © 2016 . Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection remains a major complication of solid organ transplantation. Because of management of CMV is variable among transplant centers, in 2011 the Spanish Transplantation Infection Study Group (GESITRA) of the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (SEIMC) developed consensus guidelines for the prevention and treatment of CMV infection in solid organ transplant recipients. Since then, new publications have clarified or questioned the aspects covered in the previous document. For that reason, a panel of experts revised the evidence on CMV management, including immunological monitoring, diagnostics, prevention, vaccines, indirect effects, treatment, drug resistance, immunotherapy, investigational drugs, and pediatric issues. This document summarizes the recommendations.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)119-143
    JournalTransplantation Reviews
    Issue number3
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2016


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