Lung cancer at a university hospital: Epidemiological and histological characteristics of a recent and a historical series

M. J. Santos-Martínez, V. Curull, M. L. Blanco, F. Macià, S. Mojal, J. Vila, J. M. Broquetas

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OBJECTIVE: To describe the clinical, histological, and epidemiological characteristics of patients diagnosed with lung cancer in our hospital over a period of 5 years and compare them with those of historical cases treated at the same hospital. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The cases of patients diagnosed with lung cancer from January 1998 through December 2002 were studied retrospectively and compared with data published for the period from 1978 through March 1981. RESULTS: A total of 678 patients (89% men, mean age 67 years) were studied. Fifty-six percent of the men and 38% of the women were smokers (P<.001). The most common histological types were squamous cell carcinoma (33%) and adenocarcinoma (30%): squamous carcinoma in men (36%) and adenocarcinoma in women (56%). Metastasis was present in 42% of the patients with non-small cell lung cancer and in 55% of those with small cell lung cancer. In patients with a history of neoplastic disease, laryngeal tumors were most common in patients with squamous carcinoma whereas bladder tumors were the most frequent in patients with adenocarcinoma. The ratio of men to women was lower in the recent series than in the historical one. The percentage of squamous carcinoma was lower and that of adenocarcinoma higher (P<.001). The percentage of patients diagnosed with regional involvement was greater in the recent series (P<.001). CONCLUSIONS: Squamous cell carcinoma continues to be the most frequent histological type. Male sex and smoking are associated with squamous carcinoma and female sex is associated with adenocarcinoma. Epidemiological and histological patterns have changed, possibly in relation to changes in smoking habits.
Original languageEnglish
Article number78.633
Pages (from-to)307-312
JournalArchivos de Bronconeumologia
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2005


  • Epidemiology
  • Histological type
  • Lung cancer


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