Low-cost vacuum compatible liquid cell for hard X-ray absorption spectroscopy

C. Marini, R. Boada, J. Prieto Burgos, N. Ramanan, I. García Domínguez, J. Zhao, T. T. Xiao, L. Simonelli

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    © 2018 Elsevier B.V. We present the design, fabrication, and commissioning of a new liquid cell for X-ray absorption spectroscopy, compatible with measurement in both transmission and fluorescence modes. The design consists of easily demountable and replaceable parts: body, windows, elastomer spacer, washers and a holding screw. The pathlength of the liquid chamber can be adjusted by simply selecting the appropriate thickness of the spacer, making the cell extremely customizable to overcome experimental constraints. The cell has probed to be leak tight under low vacuum conditions. The compact and simple design makes the cell compatible with cryogenic applications. Finally, the possibility of manufacturing the cell by 3D printing makes it readily available and very competitive from a cost point of view (each unit is estimated less to be than 10 €).


    • Liquid cells
    • X-ray absorption spectroscopy


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