Limit on B<sup>0</sup><inf>s</inf> oscillation using a jet charge method

D. Buskulic, D. Casper, I. De Bonis, D. Decamp, P. Ghez, C. Goy, J. P. Lees, A. Lucotte, M. N. Minard, P. Odier, B. Pietrzyk, F. Ariztizabal, M. Chmeissani, J. M. Crespo, I. Efthymiopoulos, E. Fernandez, M. Fernandez-Bosman, V. Gaitan, Ll Garrido, M. MartinezS. Orteu, A. Pacheco, C. Padilla, F. Palla, A. Pascual, J. A. Perlas, F. Sanchez, F. Teubert, A. Colaleo, D. Creanza, M. de Palma, A. Farilla, G. Gelao, M. Girone, G. Iaselli, G. Maggi, M. Maggi, N. Marinelli, S. Natali, S. Nuzzo, A. Ranieri, G. Raso, F. Romano, F. Ruggieri, G. Selvaggi, L. Silvestris, P. Tempesta, G. Zito, X. Huang, J. Lin, Q. Ouyang, T. Wang, Y. Xie, R. Xu, S. Xue, J. Zhang, L. Zhang, W. Zhao, G. Bonvicini, D. G. Cassel, M. Cattaneo, P. Comas, P. Coyle, H. Drevermann, A. Engelhardt, R. W. Forty, M. Frank, R. Hagelberg, J. Harvey, R. Jacobsen, P. Janot, B. Jost, J. Knobloch, I. Lehraus, C. Markou, E. B. Martin, P. Mato, T. Mattison, H. Meinhard, A. Minten, R. Miquel, K. Moffeit, T. Oest, P. Palazzi, J. R. Pater, J. F. Pusztaszeri, F. Ranjard, P. Rensing, L. Rolandi, D. Schlatter, M. Schmelling, O. Schneider, W. Tejessy, I. R. Tomalin, A. Venturi, H. Wachsmuth, W. Wiedenmann, T. Wildish, W. Witzeling, J. Wotschack

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A lower limit is set on the Bs0 meson oscillation parameter Δms using data collected from 1991 to 1994 by the ALEPH detector. Events with a high transverse momentum lepton and a reconstructed secondary vertex are used. The high transverse momentum leptons are produced mainly by b hadron decays, and the sign of the lepton indicates the particle/antiparticle final state in decays of neutral B mesons. The initial state is determined by a jet charge technique using both sides of the event. A maximum likelihood method is used to set a lower limit of Δms. The 95% confidence level lower limit on Δms ranges between 5.2 and 6.5 (h {combining short solidus overlay} c2) ps-1 when the fraction of b quarks from Z0 decays that form Bs0 messons is varied from 8% to 16%. Assuming that the B0s fraction is 12%, the lower limit would be Δms > 6.1( h {combining short solidus overlay} c2) ps-1 at 95% confidence level. For xs = ΔmsτBs, this limit also gives xs > 8.8 using the B0s lifetime of τBs = 1.55 ± 0.11 ps and shifting the central value of τBs down by 1σ. © 1995.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)409-422
JournalPhysics Letters B
Issue number2-3
Publication statusPublished - 17 Aug 1995


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