Life and death in Luisa Carnés' short stories about the Civil War

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© 2018 Orillas. All rights reserved. Although Luisa Carnés wrote dozens of short stories from the 1930’s to the end of her life in 1964 in Mexico, only five of them develop storylines directly related to the Spanish Civil War, a conflict whose consequences she dealt with in many other short stories and in many of the novels she wrote at that time. It is possible, through those short stories, to recreate some of the main episodes of the war, from its very beginning in 1936 until the moment, three years later, when thousands of people crossed the French border on their way to exile. But Carnés did not only want to offer her readers the testimony dictated by her unambiguous political commitment. Her short stories, starring children, men and women of diverse social backgrounds, also include a thorough reflection on the human condition regarding life and death, the main concerns in times of conflict.
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