La infància i les famílies procedents de la immigració a Catalunya en xifres: Població, llars i nuclis

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This text focuses on the main sociodemographic and family trends of the children from foreign-born immigrant families in Catalonia. A quantitative approach to the reality of this social group is of key importance to properly identify some of the challenges and op- portunities that need to be faced in the diverse and complex Catalan society of the future. A society that is increasing in ethnic and cultural diversity and that is contributing to the complexity of inequality parameters. The first part of the text deals with the flows as well as with the evolution of the foreign-born population under 18 years old in terms of gender and age structure. For the purpose of calibrating the diversity of family structures that are generated from different migratory processes, the second part of the article proposes a series of indicators on the homes and the family nuclei in which these children live. Key words: childhood, immigration, sociodemography, Catalonia.
Original languageCatalan
JournalRevista Catalana de Sociologia, Nº 26 (Monogràfic sobre immigració a Catalunya), pgs. 51-72, juny-juliol 2011. ISSN (format paper): 1136-8527. ISSN (format digital): 2013-5149.
Issue number26
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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