Is adiponectin a marker of preclinical atherosclerosis in kidney transplantation?

Laura Cañas, Beatriz Bayés, Maria L. Granada, Meritxell Ibernon, Esteban Porrini, Rosa Benítez, Juan M. Díaz, Ricardo Lauzurica, Francesc Moreso, Armando Torres, Ildefonso Lampreabe, Assumpta Serra, Ramon Romero

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The aim of this study was to analyze the relationship between pre-transplant adiponectin (pre-ADP), abnormalities in glucose homeostasis (AGH) at threemonths post-transplantation, and preclinical atherosclerosis in non-diabetic patients prior to kidney transplantation (KT). Methods: We carried out a multicenter study in 157 non-diabetic KT patients (66.5% men; age: 50±13yr). Pre-ADP levels were analyzed using radioimmunoassay. Carotid ultrasound was performed to determine carotid intima-media thickness (c-IMT). Oral glucose tolerance test was carried out to classify patients according ADA criteria. Results: Of the patients, 52.8% had AGH. Median pre-ADP was 19.5 (14-27) μg/mL. An inverse correlation was found between ADP and HOMA index (r=-0.432; p<0.001). Median c-IMT was 0.6 (0.48-0.71) mm. Significant inverse correlation existed between ADP and c-IMT on both sides (p<0.05). Patients with c-IMT >0.6mm had more AGH (p=0.012) and lower ADP levels (p=0.02). We performed a logistic regression analysis using preclinical atherosclerosis (c-IMT ≥0.6mm) as dependent variable and sex, age, BMI, ADP, AGH, and HOMA index as independent variables of altered c-IMT. Age, pre-ADP, and AGH were independent risk factors for elevated c-IMT. Conclusions: Patients with AGH have a greater presence of preclinical atherosclerosis. ADP has an inverse relationship with AGH and is an independent marker of preclinical atherosclerosis. © 2011 John Wiley & Sons A/S.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)259-266
JournalClinical Transplantation
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2012


  • Adiponectin
  • Altered glucose homeostasis
  • Carotid intima-media thickness
  • Carotid ultrasound
  • Kidney transplantation


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