Involvement of Spanish Pulmonology Centers in Patient Care, Postgraduate Education and Research in Asthma: The Results of the ATENEA Survey

Vicente Plaza, Jesús Bellido-Casado, Concepción Díaz, Luís Pérez de Llano, Joaquín Sanchis, Carlos Villasante, Antolín López Viña

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Although asthma is one of the most prevalent chronic respiratory diseases, the participation of Spanish pulmonology units in the management of asthma may have room for improvement. Objective: To determine the degree of involvement of the Spanish pulmonology services in the patient care, education and research related with asthma disease and especially in difficult-to-control asthma. Methods: A survey made up of 75 questions was sent to the heads of several pulmonology departments. The survey asked questions pertaining to respiratory disease care in general, and in asthma in particular, as well as the educational activities and research in asthma during the previous five years. Results: Out of the 107 surveys sent, 69 (645%) centers filled them out and returned them. Forty-seven (681%) met the criteria for an important level of health-care activity in asthma. However, only 29 (42%) had a monographic consultation for difficult-to-control asthma and 37 (536%) used an education program. As for postgraduate education, only 31 (449%) provided their resident physicians with specific asthma training. And in the research field, 12 (174%) reported having projects funded by SEPAR and 25 (362%) had published studies in journals with an impact factor. Conclusions: Although the majority of the pulmonology centers interviewed report a notable activity in asthma patient care, their involvement in the specialized approach for difficult-to-control asthma is insufficient. Likewise, participation in educational activities and research related with the disease is inconsistent and limited to few centers. © 2011 SEPAR.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)114-119
JournalArchivos de Bronconeumologia
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012


  • Asthma
  • Difficult-to-control asthma
  • Postgraduate education
  • Research
  • Respiratory medicine
  • Teaching


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