Intonation trends in news headlines in Catalan

Dolors Font-Rotchés, David Paloma

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This paper describes the intonational trends that characterise the phrases of news headlines spoken by six of the most well-known voices of Catalan television (TV3 and 3/24): Xavier Coral, Agnès Marquès, Ramon Pellicer, Joan Carles Peris, Raquel Sans and Núria Solé. This research is based on the Melodic Analysis of Speech method, described in Cantero (2002), which has been performed with the application of Praat voice analysis and synthesis. Using the melodic patterns and emphasis of Catalan speech as a base, we have established that for this type of speech, usual in a formal register, only part of the melodic features described as continuous and repetitive are used. Therefore a characteristic effect is obtained which makes it unique. We have also described features that the six readers have in common and the characteristics that differentiate them. © 2012 Dolors Font-Rotchés, David Paloma.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)50-81
JournalCirculo de Linguistica Aplicada a la Comunicacion
Publication statusPublished - 7 Dec 2012


  • Catalan intonation
  • Emphasis
  • Headlines
  • Television


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