Inclusive production of π<sup>0</sup>, η, η′ (958), Kg<sup>0</sup><inf>s</inf>and Λ in two- and three-jet events from hadronic Z decays

R. Barate, D. Decamp, P. Ghez, C. Goy, J. P. Lees, E. Merle, M. N. Minard, B. Pietrzyk, R. Alemany, M. P. Casado, M. Chmeissani, J. M. Crespo, E. Fernandez, M. Fernandez-Bosman, Ll Garrido, E. Graugès, A. Juste, M. Martinez, G. Merino, R. MiquelLl M. Mir, A. Pacheco, I. C. Park, I. Riu, A. Colaleo, D. Creanza, M. De Palma, G. Iaselli, G. Maggi, M. Maggi, S. Nuzzo, A. Ranieri, G. Raso, F. Ruggieri, G. Selvaggi, L. Silvestris, P. Tempesta, A. Tricomi, G. Zito, X. Huang, J. Lin, Q. Ouyang, T. Wang, Y. Xie, R. Xu, S. Xue, J. Zhang, L. Zhang, W. Zhao, D. Abbaneo, U. Becker, G. Boix, M. Cattaneo, F. Cerutti, V. Ciulli, G. Dissertori, H. Drevermann, R. W. Forty, M. Frank, T. C. Greening, A. W. Halley, J. B. Hansen, J. Harvey, P. Janot, B. Jost, I. Lehraus, O. Leroy, P. Mato, A. Minten, A. Moutoussi, F. Ranjard, L. Rolandi, D. Schlatter, M. Schmitt, O. Schneider, P. Spagnolo, W. Tejessy, F. Teubert, I. R. Tomalin, E. Toumefier, A. E. Wright, Z. Ajaltouni, F. Badaud, G. Chazelle, O. Deschamps, A. Falvard, C. Ferdi, P. Gay, C. Guicheney, P. Henrard, J. Jousset, B. Michel, S. Monteil, J. C. Montret, D. Pallin, P. Perret, F. Podlyski, J. D. Hansen, J. R. Hansen, P. H. Hansen

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleResearchpeer-review

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The production rates and the inclusive cross sections of the isovector meson π0, the isoscalar mesons η and η′ (958), the strange meson K0sand the A baryon have been measured as functions of scaled energy in hadronic events, two-jet events and each jet of three-jet events from hadronic Z decays and compared to Monte Carlo models. The analysis is based on 3.7 million hadronic events collected with the ALEPH detector at LEP at a centre-of-mass energy of √s = 91.2 GeV. The JETSET modelling of the gluon fragmentation into isoscalar mesons is found to be in agreement with the experimental results. HERWIG fails to describe the K0gspectra in gluon-enriched jets and the Λ spectra in quark jets.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)613-634
JournalEuropean Physical Journal C
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2000


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