In vitro maturation and fertilization of prepubertal goat oocytes

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    The aim of this work was to study the IVM-IVF of prepubertal goat oocytes collected from a slaughterhouse as an alternative source of oocytes to those of FSH-primed adult goats. In Experiment 1, IVM of prepubertal goat oocytes in co-culture with granulosa cells were compared with IVM in 50 μl microdrops of medium. There was no significant difference in the percentage of maturation (72.0 vs 76.9%) between the 2 groups. In Experiment 2, a low percentage of normal fertilization (24.4%) was observed for prepubertal goat oocytes matured with granulosa cells from prepubertal goats. This result was significantly lower than that obtained for ovulated (62.2%) or in vitro-matured (48.7%) oocytes from adult goats. There were no significant differences with respect to the oocytes from adult goats matured in vitro when prepubertal goat oocytes were cultured with adult goat granulosa cells (33.3%) or in microdrops (29.7%). No differences were observed among the treatments in the percentage of oocytes showing evidence of fertilization (normal fertilization + abnormal fertilization + polyspermy). In Experiment 3, it was shown that there were no differences in the percentage of normally fertilized oocytes after in vitro maturation in microdrops containing oocytes with 1 to 2 and 3 or more complete layers of cumulus cells (32.1 and 33.3% respectively). In conclusion, the ovaries of prepubertal slaughterhouse goats were found to be an economical alternative for an abundant source of oocytes for IVM-IVF research. In vitro maturation of oocytes in microdrops yielded maturation and fertilization ratescomparable to those obtained with oocytes from FSH-primed adult goats. Moreover, similar maturation and fertilization rates were obtained using oocytes with 1 to 2 layers or 3 or more layers of cumulus cells. © 1995.
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    Publication statusPublished - 15 Jan 1995


    • goat
    • in vitro fertilization
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    • prepubertal oocyte


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