In vitro conidial germination in Arthrinium aureum and Arthrinium phaeospermum

Montserrat Agut, María Ángeles Calvo

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This paper describes the microscopic details of conidial germination and the influence of pH, sodium chloride concentration, 3% glucose, 3% saccharose and ultraviolet irradiation on the conidial germination in Arthrinium species. Under laboratory conditions, germination started after an incubation period of 90 minutes in 2% malt extract broth at 25°C. In vitro, the conidia of Arthrinium species have a very low percentage of germination ( A. phaeospermum: 7.9%; A. aureum: 15.8%). Conidia of this genus have a characteristic equatorial slit. Conidia may break spontaneously at this slit, releasing their cytoplasmic contents. Arthrinium phaeospermum attains its optimum germination percentage when its conidia are suspended in a sterile saline solution (pH 3.5) in a water bath at 20°C for 15 minutes before being inoculated on 2% malt extract agar. Conidial suspensions of A. aureum may be held in the same conditions, but for 30 minutes.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)363-367
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2004


  • Arthrinium aureum
  • Arthrinium phaeospermum
  • conidial germination
  • Deuteromycotina
  • microscopy


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