Impact-Ev. Report 3. Impact Evaluation Of Fp6 (Last Call) And Fp7 Ssh Research Projects

R. Flecha, M. Soler-Gallart, Esther Oliver, L. Puigvert, T. Sordé Martí, Andras Schubert, Sàndor Soòs, Judith Mosoni-Fried, Kubra Canhilal, Benedetto Lepori, Dragana Avramov, Paul Holm, Charles Travis, Andrea Scharnhorst, Arjan Hogenaar, René Van Horik, Claire Donovan

Research output: Other contribution


In this report, we present an impact assessment of a total of 439 SSH projects funded under FP6 (last call) and FP7 SSH in four domains: scientific, political, social and the promotion of the European Research Area. Scientific impact refers to the publications, citation patterns, and dissemination among scientific networks, as well as further research development. Political impact means the transfer of research outcomes and political recommendations into EU and national policies, and the use of research outcomes by civil society led or other entities in their political agendas.1 Social impact occurs when there is evidence of social improvements in relation to the goals defined by legitimated political representatives which are the EU2020 targets, the objectives of the Lisbon strategy, or now the Junker’s Agenda for Jobs, Growth, Fairness and Democratic Change, as the result of implementing research results.2 IMPACT-EV is particularly interested in exploring the social impact that the research projects have obtained in relation to the EU2020 targets (such as increased employment, reducing school dropout or reducing poverty rates) or the objectives of the Lisbon strategy. Finally, impact on strengthening ERA includes aspects such as mobility, training young researchers, interdisciplinarity, and international collaboration, among other related items.3 Thus, this report has been conducted during the first 15 months of the project. In what follow, we present general considerations and specific examples of the impacts of SSH in several fields, as well as a selection of those projects with the highest identified impact in each dimension.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 19 Feb 2015


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