Identification of a protective allele against Alzheimer disease in the APOE gene promoter

Kartrin Beyer, José I. Lao, Milagros Gómez, Nadal Riutort, Pilar Latorre, José L. Mate, Aurelio Ariza

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Alzheimer disease (AD) risk is significantly influenced by the APOE2 and APOE4 alleles. In turn, the -491AT and THI/E47cs polymorphisms alter APOE gene expression levels. To determine whether these two alleles exert any significant effect on AD development we have analysed the genotypes of the APOE promoter -491AT and Thl/E47cs polymorphisms in 163 AD patients and 155 controls divided into three age at onset/age dependent subgroups. Our study has detected a Thl/E47cs-Tallele accumulation in healthy individuals over 75 years of age, which suggests it plays a protective role against AD. The Thl/E47cs-Tallele may provide greater protection against AD than APOE2, although this awaits proof of Thl/E47cs-T allele overrepresentation in healthy individuals of other populations. © 2002 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1403-1405
Publication statusPublished - 7 Aug 2002


  • APOE promoter region polymorphisms
  • Alzheimer disease
  • Apolipoprotein E
  • Protective allele


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