Gymnasiums in Barcelona during the reign of Isabella II of Spain (1837-1868)

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During the Spanish liberal period in the city of Barcelona the emergency of a new style of culture which came as a result of a complex society with historical features that set it apart. This cultural style could be seen in industrial, urban and economic growth, but also in the arts, recreational activities and also in ideology and politics. Given these circumstances and with an eye on social change and advances in production, and European policies, in Barcelona the first hygienic gymnasiums began to appear. The localisation and study of these gymnasiums is the main objective of this paper, which provides a space to be able to better interpret the emergence of physical and sports practices and their systemic and ideological relationship with other historical events. A review of the historical press deposited in the Library of Catalonia offers the possibility of more in-depth analysis and links the hermeneutic discourse to the support of other background and contextual studies. It is therefore concluded that the appearance of these gymnasiums was never associated with nationalising and patriotic ends, but with the modern, urban development of a liberal and private social framework.
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)305-355
Number of pages51
JournalFuturo del Pasado
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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