Glucose and fructose as functional modulators of overall dog, but not boar sperm function

J. M. Fernández-Novell, J. Ballester, J. Altirriba, L. Ramió-Lluch, A. Barberà, R. Gomis, J. J. Guinovart, J. E. Rodríguez-Gil

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The main aim of the present work was to test the effects of glucose and fructose on the phosphorylation levels of proteins linked to the control of overall sperm function in two species with very different metabolic characteristics, dog and boar. Incubation of dog spermatozoa with 10mM glucose increased serine phosphorylation of proteins related to cell cycle and signal transduction including cyclins B and E, Cdk2, Cdk6, Cdc6, PYK2, c-kit, Raf-1, TRK and several protein phosphatases. Incubation of dog spermatozoa with 10mM fructose decreased serine phosphorylation levels of cyclins B and D3, Cdk1/Cdc2, Cdk2, Cdk6, Akt, PI3 kinase, ERK-1 and protein kinase C. Incubation of boar spermatozoa with glucose or fructose did not modify any of the phosphorylation patterns studied. Given that one important difference between dog and boar spermatozoa is the presence of glucokinase (GK) in dog but not in boar, GK-transfected COS7 cells were incubated with either 10mM glucose or 10mM fructose. Incubation of GK-transfected cells with fructose decreased serine phosphorylation of cyclin A, ERK-2 and Hsp-70. In contrast, incubation of control COS7 cells with fructose increased serine phosphorylation of Cdk6, Cdk1/Cdc2, protein kinase C and Hsp-70. Incubation with glucose did not induce any significant effect. Our results indicate that monosaccharides act as signalling compounds in dog spermatozoa after ejaculation through changes in the phosphorylation levels of specific proteins. One of the factors that may be related to the action of sugars is the equilibrium of the total sperm hexokinase activity, in which the presence or absence of GK appears to be relevant. © CSIRO 2011.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)468-480
JournalReproduction, Fertility and Development
Publication statusPublished - 31 May 2011


  • canine spermatozoa
  • glucokinase
  • monosaccharides
  • protein phosphorylation


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