Future trends of 3D silicon sensors

Cinzia Da Vià, Maurizio Boscardin, Gian Franco Dalla Betta, Iain Haughton, Philippe Grenier, Sebastian Grinstein, Thor Erik Hansen, Jasmine Hasi, Christopher Kenney, Angela Kok, Sherwood Parker, Giulio Pellegrini, Marco Povoli, Vladislav Tzhnevyi, Stephen J. Watts

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    Vertex detectors for the next LHC experiments upgrades will need to have low mass while at the same time be radiation hard and with sufficient granularity to fulfil the physics challenges of the next decade. Based on the gained experience with 3D silicon sensors for the ATLAS IBL project and the on-going developments on light materials, interconnectivity and cooling, this paper will discuss possible solutions to these requirements. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.


    • 3D silicon sensor
    • LHC upgrade
    • Micro-channel cooling
    • Pixels
    • Radiation hardness


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