Evaluating quality and excellence in translation studies research: Publish or perish, the Spanish way

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Academia has embarked on a journey where credentials must be shown on a regular basis: publish or perish. Obtaining the ticket to success is beyond quantity, which can be measured; it is related to more intangible terms such as excellence and quality. Research assessment exercises are now here to stay, and they test not only those who wish to jump on board, but also their baggage, and ultimately whether their boat stays afloat or sinks. Qualitative assessment is a much maligned exercise which has to evaluate and balance criteria measured in terms of: originality, thematic diversity, innovation, sustainability, multi-disciplinary research, benefits, and impact. This article departs from a study of some Spanish evaluating agencies - also making reference when possible to their European equivalent - and their assessment criteria. After drafting a list of merits listed in each agency the article poses some basic questions regarding assessment. It then goes into the nature of assessment criteria and offers concrete data on Translation and Interpreting Studies journal indexing. The paper concludes with some general comments and recommendations, which are valid across Europe. © Fédération des Traducteurs (fit) Revue Babel.
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Publication statusPublished - 14 Nov 2012


  • Bibliometrics
  • Quality assessment
  • Specialised journals
  • Translation and interpreting research


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