Estudio Histoquímico e Immunohistoquímico del Tejido Linfoide Porcino: Ganglio Linfático, Bazo y Timo

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    Immunohistological and Enzyme Histochemical Study of Lymphoid Pig Tissue: Lymph Node, Spleen, and Thymus Immunohistological (S‐100, cIg) and enzyme histochemical (ANAE/ANBE, β‐glu, ATPase, AcP) investigations were carried out to identify lymphocyte and reticular cell subpopulations “in situ”, in pig lymphoid tissue (lymph node, spleen, and thymus) of a 6 months old group, and a 6–9 days old one. By means of immunohistological techniques, in the 6 month old pigs we could detect S‐100 protein (PAP), chiefly in T‐areas lymphocytes, but we also found some S‐100 positive lymphocytes in spleen follicles. Also S‐100 protein were detected at Follicular Dendritic Cells (FDC) in lymph node and spleen; and Reticular Fibroblastic Cells (RFC) only in the first one. Finally, S‐100 were noted in Hassall corpuscles (thymus), nervous fibres, and endothelial cells too. Using PAP (IgG, IgM) and IPI (IgA) techniques we could detect lymphocyte cytoplasmatic surface immunoglobulins (clg) in lymphocytes, lymphoblastoid and plasmocitoid cells in nearly all tissue compartments. By means of histochemical techniques we could identify T‐area lymphocytes ANAE/ANBE and β‐glu positives (cytoplasmatic spots) and B‐area lymphocytes ATPase positive; macrophages, and polimor‐phonuclear eosinophiles PHNE being ANAE/ANBE and β‐glu positives (diffuse cytoplasmic stain); and Hassall corpuscles ANAE/ANBE and AcP positives. Concerning to reticular cells, we found FDC and RFC in lymphoid follicles, and Interdigitating Reticular Cells (IDC) in lymphoid diffuse tissue, with enzyme activity (all the enzymes studied) in nearly all the cases. In piglets, the immunohistological and histochemical pattern was nearly the same. Copyright © 1991, Wiley Blackwell. All rights reserved
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)154-168
    JournalAnatomia, Histologia, Embryologia
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1991


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