Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Reveals the Extent and the Microvascular Pattern of Breast Ductal Carcinoma In Situ

Gorane Santamaria*, Martin Velasco, Blanca Farrus, Francesc Xavier Caparros, Pedro Luis Fernandez

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleResearchpeer-review

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To report the role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in assessing the extent of breast ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). To assess whether the microvascularity pattern in DCIS correlates with magnetic resonance enhancement. Eighty-five histologically proven DCIS (77 pure DCIS, eight microinvasive DCIS) were prospectively studied with MRI. The morphology of magnetic resonance enhancement and the kinetic curve was recorded. Histopathologically, intraductal lesions were classified according to Van Nuys score. Tumor microvascularity was immunohistochemically assessed in a subset of 24 DCIS evaluating the number of microvessels, microvascularity area, and microvascularity pattern (diffuse or periductal). On the mammogram, 74% of DCIS appeared as microcalcifications. On MRI, 70% of DCIS showed enhancement. Non-mass-like uptake was observed in 78% of cases. The mean size of nonenhancing carcinomas was significantly lower than that of enhancing carcinomas (p=0.033). The diffuse pattern was more frequent than the periductal pattern. A significant relationship between the morphology of MR enhancement and the microvascularity pattern was observed (p=0.036); thus, 90% of DCIS showing segmental enhancement on MRI displayed a diffuse pattern while all DCIS with ductal enhancement showed a periductal pattern. There was a significant relationship between the maximum area of microvascularity and the vascular pattern (p=0.015); periductal patterns showed larger areas than diffuse patterns. The lesion size was significantly larger as the Van Nuys score increased (p

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)402-410
Number of pages9
JournalBreast J
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2013


  • angiogenesis
  • breast
  • carcinoma
  • intraductal
  • immunohistochemistry
  • magnetic resonance imaging


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