Discovery of very high energy gamma rays from 1ES 1218+30.4

J. Albert, E. Aliu, H. Anderhub, P. Antoranz, A. Armada, M. Asensio, C. Baixeras, J. A. Barrio, M. Bartelt, H. Bartko, D. Bastieri, S. R. Bavikadi, W. Bednarek, K. Berger, C. Bigongiari, A. Biland, E. Bisesi, R. K. Bock, T. Bretz, I. BritvitchM. Camara, A. Chilingarian, S. Ciprini, J. A. Coarasa, S. Commichau, J. L. Contreras, J. Cortina, V. Curtef, V. Danielyan, F. Dazzi, A. De Angelis, R. De Los Reyes, B. De Lotto, E. Domingo-Santamaría, D. Dorner, M. Doro, M. Errando, M. Fagiolini, D. Ferenc, E. Fernández, R. Firpo, J. Flix, M. V. Fonseca, L. Font, N. Galante, M. Garczarczyk, M. Gaug, M. Giller, F. Goebel, D. Hakobyan, M. Hayashida, T. Hengstebeck, D. Hóhne, J. Hose, P. Jacon, O. Kalekin, D. Kranich, A. Laille, T. Lenisa, P. Liebing, E. Lindfors, F. Longo, J. López, M. Loṕez, E. Lorenz, F. Lucarelli, P. Majumdar, G. Maneva, K. Mannheim, M. Mariotti, M. Martínez, K. Mase, D. Mazin, M. Meucci, M. Meyer, J. M. Miranda, R. Mirzoyan, S. Mizobuchi, A. Moralejo, K. Nilsson, E. Oña-Wilhelmi, R. Orduña, N. Otte, I. Oya, D. Paneque, R. Paoletti, M. Pasanen, D. Pascoli, F. Pauss, N. Pavel, R. Pegna, M. Persic, L. Peruzzo, A. Piccioli, M. Poller, E. Prandini, W. Rhode, J. Rico, B. Riegel

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The MAGIC collaboration has studied the high-frequency-peaked BL Lac object 1ES 1218+30.4, at a redshift z = 0.182, using the MAGIC imaging air Cerenkov telescope located on the Canary Island of La Palma. A gamma-ray signal was observed with 6.4 a significance. The differential energy spectrum for an energy threshold of 120 GeV can be fitted by a simple power law, yielding F E(E) = (8.1 ± 2.1) × 10-7[E/(250 GeV) -3.0±0.4 TeV-1 m-2 s-1. During the 6 days of observation in 2005 January, no time variability on timescales of days was found within the statistical errors. The observed integral flux above 350 GeV is nearly a factor of 2 below the upper limit reported by the Whipple collaboration in 2003. © 2006. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.
Original languageEnglish
JournalAstrophysical Journal
Issue number2 II
Publication statusPublished - 10 May 2006


  • Gamma rays: observations


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