Dinámicas de (in)visibilidad en la migración LGTBIQ+: una cuestión comunicacional

Translated title of the contribution: (In)visibility dynamics in the LGBTIQ+ migration: a communicational issue

Hadriel Theodoro, Denise Cogo, Amparo Huertas Bailén

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We present in this article a set of theoretical reflections on the dynamics of (in)visibility in LGTBIQ+ migration. These reflections are linked to the development of a doctoral research on the subject. The article has an essayistic character and is based on a bibliographic review of the articulation of studies in communication, gender and migration. Specifically, we analyze the communicational dimension of these relationships and their different implications on the (international or transnational) mobility of LGTBIQ+ subjects. In general, the communicative practices observed are related, on the one hand, to the usual precariousness and vulnerability of LGBTIQ+ subjects and, on the other, to the struggles for recognition and social transformation.
Translated title of the contribution(In)visibility dynamics in the LGBTIQ+ migration: a communicational issue
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)113-131
Number of pages19
JournalREMHU: Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana
Issue number59
Publication statusPublished - 10 Sept 2020


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