Creating value through entrepreneurship: The case of artificial intelligent agents

Andrea Bikfalvi, Christian Serarols Tarrés, Josep Lluís de la Rosa Esteva

    Research output: Chapter in BookChapterResearchpeer-review


    The present case study describes the creation and development process of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT AGENTS, S.L. (AIA), a company spun-off from the University of Girona (Spain). It describes all phases, from concept to implementation, and the problems and challenges faced by the entrepreneurial team composed of academics and professionals. AIA provides living proof of how a research group can become a company. It lays out the path from developing a technology in the field of human automation attempting to sell a user-friendly technology that would help customer intelligence and management. AIA targeted at Internet companies in general, as well as traditional businesses that used customer relationship management (CRM) extensively in their daily operations. After having developed their main product and survived financial difficulty, the company stood at crossroads and a decision regarding its strategic future had to be taken. © 2010, IGI Global.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationE-Entrepreneurship and ICT Ventures: Strategy, Organization and Technology
    Editors Tobias Kollmann, Dr. Andreas Kuckertz, Christoph Stöckmann
    Place of PublicationHershey (US)
    Number of pages18
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2010


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