Competency-based training of teachers

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Competency-Based Training of teachers is one that the problems of new curriculum models development are facing. This contribution revises some controversial developments of Competency- Based Training, with the aim of delimiting specifically the functions, profiles and competences of teachers training programs. Subsequently, it has been added the different reflections on methodological strategies and some final thoughts about how to act in the arisen challenges. A suitable teacher training demands teachers acting in a competent way and with the same model they want to teach, combining conceptual learning with professional practice, using strategies and procedures of knowledge society, stimulating collective and individual reflective practice and encouraging lifelong learning which relates professionals at different times of their working life. To achieve this purpose, it must be a shared task from a combination of actions: from the education system, educational centres, social agents and teachers themselves.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2011


  • Competency-based training
  • Teachers training
  • Teachers' duties
  • Teachers' professional profile


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