Comorbidity and low use of new antiplatelets in acute coronary syndrome

Jaime Aboal, Isaac Llaó, Cosme García García, Jordi Sans-Roselló, Antonia Sambola, Rut Andrea, Carlos Tomás, Gil Bonet, Albert Ariza-Solé, David Viñas, Teresa Oliveras Vilà, Santiago Montero, Javier Cantalapiedra, Margarida Pujol-López, Isabel Hernández, María Pérez-Rodriguez, Pablo Loma-Osorio, José Carlos Sánchez-Salado

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    © 2019, Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Introduction: Despite the use of the new generation P2Y12 inhibitors (Ticagrelor and Prasugrel) with aspirin is the recommended therapy in acute NSTE-ACS patients, their current use in clinical practice remains quite low and might be related, among several variables, with increased comorbidity burden. We aimed to assess the prevalence of these treatments and whether their use could be associated with comorbidity. Method: A multicentric prospective registry was conducted at 8 Cardiac Intensive Care Units (October 2017–April 2018) in patients admitted with non ST elevation myocardial infarction. Antithrombotic treatment was recorded and the comorbidity risk was assessed using the Charlson Comorbidity Index. We created a multivariate model to identify the independent predictors of the use of new inhibitors of P2Y12. Results: A total of 629 patients were included, median age 67 years, 23.2% women, 359 patients (57.1%) treated with clopidogrel and 40.6% with new P2Y12 inhibitors: ticagrelor (228 patients, 36.2%) and prasugrel (30 patients, 4.8%). Among the patients with very high comorbidity (Charlson Score > 6) clopidogrel was the drug of choice (82.6%), meanwhile in patients with low comorbility (Charlson Score 0–1) was the ticagrelor or prasugrel (63.6%). Independent predictors of the use of ticagrelor or prasugrel were a low Charlson Comorbidity Index, a low CRUSADE score and the absence of prior bleeding. Conclusion: Antiplatelet treatment with Ticagrelor or Pasugrel was low in patients admitted with NSTE-ACS. Comorbidity calculated with Charlson Comorbidity Index was a powerful predictor of the use of new generation P2Y12 inhibitors in this population.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalAging clinical and experimental research
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2019


    • CHARLSON Comorbidity Index
    • Clopidogrel
    • Comorbidity
    • Non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromes
    • Ticagrelor


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