Cognitive complaints in people with human immunodeficiency virus in Spain: Prevalence and related variables

José A. Muñoz-Moreno, Maria J. Fuster-Ruiz De Apodaca, Carmina R. Fumaz, Maria J. Ferrer, Fernando Molero, Àngels Jaen, Bonaventura Clotet, David Dalmau

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Background and objective Cognitive complaints have been scarcely studied in people with HIV in Spain. The aim of this research was to know the prevalence of cognitive complaints in HIV-infected people, as well as its potential relationships with demographic, clinical and psychological variables, in the era of combination antiretroviral therapies. Patients and method Observational multicenter study developed in 4 hospitals and 10 NGOs, in which 791 people with HIV in Spain participated. A self-reported questionnaire was used to evaluate demographic and clinical variables, and an assessment of cognitive complaints, emotional status and quality of life variables was also included. Descriptive and inferential tests were used for statistical analyses. Results Almost half of the sample (49.8%) referred cognitive complaints, in 72.1% of them an association with interference on daily living activities was found. Memory and attention were the areas most prevalently perceived as affected. The existence of cognitive complaints correlated with a longer HIV infection, lower CD4+ cell count, undetectable viral load and worse quality of life. A discriminant analysis determined that depression, anxiety, older age, living with no partner and low education level allowed to classify optimally HIV-infected people with cognitive complaints. Conclusions Self-reported cognitive complaints are frequent in people infected with HIV in the current era of combination antiretroviral therapies. This fact is related to emotional disturbances and poor quality of life, but also to impaired immunological and virological status. © 2012 Elsevier Espana, S.L. All rights reserved.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)438-444
JournalMedicina Clinica
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 20 May 2014


  • Antiretroviral therapy
  • Anxiety
  • Cognitive complaints
  • Depression
  • Human immunodeficiency virus-infection


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