Cerebrovascular disease as a complication of cardiac transplantation

Robert Belvís, Joan Martí-Fàbregas, Dolores Cocho, María Dolores García-Bargo, Elisabeth Franquet, Rolando Agudo, Vicenç Brosa, Marta Campreciós, Mireia Puig, Josep Lluis Martí-Vilalta

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Background and Objectives: To characterize the frequency, risk factors, clinical presentation and etiological subtypes of cerebrovascular diseases (CVD) following cardiac transplantation (CTX). Methods: In a retrospective review of our CTX database (period 1984-2002), we assessed demographic data, vascular risk factors, surgery and donor details. We classified ischemic stroke (IS) using the clinical criteria of the Oxfordshire Community Stroke Project and the etiological criteria of the TOAST study. Logistic regression analysis and survival curves were carried out. Results: CTX was performed in a total of 314 patients (age 46 ± 14 years, 78% male) and mean follow-up was 54 ± 57 months. Twenty-two patients (7%) presented CVD: hemorrhagic stroke in 12%, transient ischemic attack in 28% and IS in 60%. CVD were early postoperative (less than 2 weeks) in 20% of patients and late in 80%. The clinical presentation in patients with IS was total anterior circulation (23.1%), partial anterior (38.4%), lacunar(15.4%) and posterior circulation (23.1%), and the etiological classification was large artery atherosclerosis (15.4%), cardioembolism (14.4%), small vessel disease (15.4%), unusual causes (15.4%) and undetermined cause (38.4%). The only independent predictor of CVD was a prior CVD event with an odds ratio of 8.2 (95% Cl, 2.2-30.2, p < 0.02). The estimated risk of CVD at 5 years was greater (p < 0.02) in patients with prior CVD (4.1%) than in those without (1.1%). Conclusions: CVD are a relatively frequent complication after CTX (7%) and usually occur in the late postoperative phase. CVD prior to transplantation increase the risk of CVD after this procedure. Copyright © 2005 S. Karger AG.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)267-271
JournalCerebrovascular Diseases
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 11 May 2005


  • Cardiac transplantation
  • Cerebral infarction


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