El 'Full de la Cultura' (1982-1983), de la 'Hoja del Lunes' de Barcelona, i els continguts sobre la llengua catalana

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The objective of this paper is to raise awareness of the Full de la Cultura and analyze the texts about Catalan language made public by this cultural supplement to Barcelona's Hoja del Lunes. The results of the research show that the Full de la Cultura was launched with the appointment of the journalist Josep Maria Cadena as the director of the weekly magazine, which was published between June 7, 1982 and February 21, 1983. It was produced by journalists and writers who were sensitive to the use of Catalan. Thus, this weekly became one of the publications during the Transition that were written in this language, with the aim of disseminating current cultural content related to literature, drama, music, visual arts, philosophy and language. In this sense, the Full de la Cultura continued the Catalan press tradition of devoting space to discussing different aspects of the Catalan language as a type of content of social interest, and addressed such issues as normative authority and standard corpuses, its position in both education and the media, the most appropriate standard model for the time, linguistic correction, prestigious academic conferences, sociolinguistics and bibliographical novelties.
Original languageCatalan
Pages (from-to)169-186
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2019


  • Catalan language
  • Cultural journalism
  • Full de la Cultura
  • Hoja del Lunes
  • Standard Catalan


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