Efectos conductuales de programas personalizados de asesoramiento a entrenadores en estilo de comunicación y clima motivacional

Jaume Cruz, Miquel Torregrosa, Catarina Sousa, Angela Mora, Carme Viladrich

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Behavioral effects of personalised coach interventions on communication style and motivational climate
This study summarises a line of research on interventions with coaches ot young soccer and basketball players. First, the evolution of theoretical models and intervention programmes with coaches was reviewed. Second, we describe the advantages of conducting programmes mat combine an assessment of communication style and motivational climate and aim to individualise interventions with coaches as far as possible. Furthermore, the Coaching Behaviour Assessment System (CBAS) was used to evaluate the effects of personal assessment programmes on the coaches' behaviour (PAPE1 & PAPE2). In both studies, the behaviours proposed as priority objectives and those not considered a priority were analysed separately. The results of both studies showed an increase in the supporting behaviours by coaches (i.e., reinforcement, encouragement after mistakes, general encouragement) and a decrease in punitive behaviours (i.e., punishment and punitive technical instruction) according to the objectives proposed in the personalised programmes in 88% of the cases. Moreover, this improvement also occured in the cases of coaches who did not establish those behaviors as an objective. Both personalised assessment programmes were more efficient in changing coaches' behaviors than the group interventions in which coaches could not establish their priority objectives.
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)179-195
JournalRevista de Psicologia del Deporte
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 31 Jan 2011


  • Basketball
  • Communication style
  • Goal setting
  • Motivational climate
  • Personalised coach intervention
  • Soccer


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