Audience participation as added value for public service proximity television. The case study of ETB 2’s La noche de…

A. Azurmendi, C. Llorens, N. López Vidales, J. Bas Portero

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© 2015, University of La Laguna. All rights reserved. Introduction. While the model of public service television that focuses on audiences has been traditionally criticised for being more akin to the commercial television model than to the public service broadcasting model, contemporary literature points out that in the age of digitisation and convergence audience participation is precisely a key element of public television (Castro, 2012; Doyle, 2010; Kjus, 2009; Bardoel, 2007). This article examines audience participation in Spanish regional public service television and, particularly, tries to determine two questions: 1) whether the variety of participation channels provided by crossmedia productions – a TV show‟s website, discussion forums and Twitter and Facebook accounts – increases effective audience participation; and 2) whether this participation can be said to contribute to the fulfilment of the mission of public service television, especially proximity television. Method. The study first provides a review of the literature on audience participation and the forms of participation promoted by European, national and regional policies. The TV show La noche de…, broadcast by the Spanish network ETB 2, is subsequently analysed based on the results of the literature review. Results: The increasing attention paid to audience participation in the European and Spanish literature and legislations is not proportionally reflected on the reality of public service television, and particularly of regional public service television corporations.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)490-518
JournalRevista Latina de Comunicacion Social
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2015


  • Audience participation
  • Crossmedia interaction
  • Proximity autes k n


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