Association study of 37 genes related to serotonin and dopamine neurotransmission and neurotrophic factors in cocaine dependence

N. Fernàndez-Castillo, C. Roncero, L. Grau-Lopez, C. Barral, G. Prat, L. Rodriguez-Cintas, C. Sánchez-Mora, M. Gratacòs, J. A. Ramos-Quiroga, M. Casas, M. Ribasés, B. Cormand

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Cocaine dependence is a neuropsychiatric disorder in which both environmental and genetic factors are involved. Several processes, that include reward and neuroadaptations, mediate the transition from use to dependence. In this regard, dopamine and serotonin neurotransmission systems are clearly involved in reward and other cocaine-related effects, whereas neurotrophic factors may be responsible for neuroadaptations associated with cocaine dependence. We examined the contribution to cocaine dependence of 37 genes related to the dopaminergic and serotoninergic systems, neurotrophic factors and their receptors through a case-control association study with 319 single nucleotide polymorphisms selected according to genetic coverage criteria in 432 cocaine-dependent patients and 482 sex-matched unrelated controls. Single marker analyses provided evidence for association of the serotonin receptor HTR2A with cocaine dependence [rs6561333; nominal P-value adjusted for age=1.9e-04, odds ratio=1.72 (1.29-2.30)]. When patients were subdivided according to the presence or absence of psychotic symptoms, we confirmed the association between cocaine dependence and HTR2A in both subgroups of patients. Our data show additional evidence for the involvement of the serotoninergic system in the genetic susceptibility to cocaine dependence. © 2012 Blackwell Publishing Ltd and International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)39-46
JournalGenes, Brain and Behavior
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2013


  • 5-HT2A
  • Addiction
  • Case-control association study
  • Cocaine dependence
  • Dopamine
  • Genetics
  • HTR2A
  • Neurotransmission
  • Neurotrophic factors
  • Serotonin


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