Articles as Partitives

Ignacio Bosque, M. Carme Picallo

Research output: Chapter in BookChapterResearchpeer-review


© 2012 by Oxford University Press, Inc. All rights reserved. This chapter attempts to formally account for a peculiar partitive construction of Old Romance languages that has never been discussed in generative literature. It provides evidence that the definite article that in this construction precedes the cardinal numeral should be interpreted and treated as a pronoun. Therefore, adopting a Big DP configuration for the article-pronoun and the DP complement of the partitive preposition, it suggests that the article-pronoun raises from the Spec of the Big DP to a higher position where its formal person and number (and perhaps case) features can be checked and valued, and finally morpho-phonologically incorporate to the above cardinal head.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFunctional Heads: The Cartography of Syntactic Structures
Publication statusPublished - 20 Jun 2012


  • DP
  • Definite article
  • Old romance languages
  • Partitive construction
  • Pronoun


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