Are there enough radiation oncologists to lead the new Spanish radiotherapy?

A. Rodríguez, M. Arenas, P. C. Lara, J. López-Torrecilla, M. Algara, A. Conde, H. Pérez-Montero, J. L. Muñoz, P. Peleteiro, M. J. Pérez-Calatayud, J. Contreras, C. Ferrer, Dra Mª José Ortiz, José Expósito, Dra Amalia Palacios, Ismael Herruzo, José Antonio Medina, Miguel Martínez, Dra Eloisa Bayo, Javier JaénFrancisco José Peracaula, Dra Carolina Pérez, Dra Mª Isabel Ramos, José Antonio González, José Begara, Dra Cristina Nuño, Dra Ana Belén Bezares, Dra Ana Serradilla, Antonio Lazo, Martín Tejedor, Dra Lucía Méndez, Germán Juan, Luis Olay, José Pardo, Alberto Noé, Francisco Mestre, Claudio Otón, Claudio Fuentes, Pedro Prada, Leopoldo Pérez, Dra Eva Lozano, Dra Mª Victoria Villas, Dra Juana Tripero, Dra Rosabel Lobo, Manuel Muñoz, José Luis Tisaire, Jesús Fernández, Dra Mercedes Teijeira, José Reyes Rodríguez, Luis Pérez-Romasanta, Francisco López, Daniel Rodríguez, Dra Amelia Ceballos, Dra Rocío Cantalapiedra, Albert Biete, Jordi Craven, Agustí Pedro, Jordi Giralt, Ferrán Guedea, Salvador Villá, Josep M. Solé, Dra Arantxa Eraso, José Antonio Carceller, Benjamín Guix, Ramón Miralbell, Joan Casals, Pedro González, Dra Mª Isabel Duarte, Juan Pablo Jerez, Alfonso Mariño, Antonio Gómez-Caamaño, Victor Muñoz, Dra Mª Dolores López, Luis Zugazabeitia, Dra Laura Torrado-Moya, Gustavo Ossola, Dra Rosa M. Morera, Dra Mª Teresa Murillo, Dra Sonsoles Sancho, José Pérez-Regadera, Miguel Angel Lozano, Gonzalo Vázquez, Dra Escarlata López, Dra Cristina, Dra Pilar M. Samper, Dra Blanca Ludeña, Juan de Dios Sáez, Ignacio Azinovic, Dra Carmen Rubio, Dra Elia del Cerro, Dra Natalia Carballo, Dra Amalia Sotoca-Ruiz, Ramón García, Juan Salinas, Dra Adriana Fondevilla, Rafael Martínez-Monge, Enrique Martínez, Avelino Alia, Juan Pablo Ciria, Jesús Rosa

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© 2019, Federación de Sociedades Españolas de Oncología (FESEO). Aim: Radiation oncology services in Spain are undergoing a process of technical modernization, but—in a context of increasing demand by an ageing population—it is unclear whether there are enough radiation oncologists to staff the newly equipped units. This study aims to assess the number of specialists working in radiation oncology services in Spain relative to current and future needs. Materials and methods: In the second half of 2017, the Commission on Infrastructures of the Spanish Society for Radiation Oncology (SEOR) sent a questionnaire on radiation oncology staff to the heads of all 122 public (n = 76, 62%) and private (n = 46, 38%) radiation oncology services in Spain. Data collected were the number of professionals, their position, and their year of birth for specialists and residents in each service. In the descriptive analysis, for continuous variables we calculated means, standard deviations and ranges for each Spanish region and work post. For qualitative variables, we constructed frequency tables. All analyses were performed with R statistical software, version 3.5.1. Results: The survey response rate was 100% among service heads across all 122 centers. The total number of radiation oncologists working in these centers is 721, or 15.4 per million population, with considerable variations between regions. Given the national recommendations to have 20 radiation oncologists per million population, there is currently a deficit of 204 specialists. If the 163 upcoming retirements are also taken into account, there will be 367 fewer radiation oncologists than required to meet the 25% increase in indications for radiotherapy projected for 2025. Conclusions: The classic model for calculating staff needs based on the number of treatments is outdated, and recommendations should be revised to reflect the current reality. A new model should integrate the most complex technological advances and emerging plans in radiotherapy, without neglecting the other activities carried out in radiation oncology services that are not directly linked to patient care.
Original languageEnglish
JournalClinical and Translational Oncology
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2019


  • Radiation oncologists
  • Radiotherapy staffing needs
  • Spain


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