Análisis de las dificultades de futuros profesores de química al leer críticamente un artículo de prensa

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This research presents the difficulties that preservice teachers of chemistry of a Brazilian university show in critically analyzing a newspaper article with scientific content. For this purpose, a critical reading activity was designed, based on a press report about the use of a very common domestic cleaning product as a beauty product (embellishment). The article was selected so that participants could apply their knowledge of chemistry in a real context and at the same time develop their argumentative skills. A total of eighteen students participated, nine of the first year of the teacher training course and nine from the last one. The activity was carried out in cooperative groups promoting discussion of the ideas and argumentation from the perspective of participation in scientific practices. In particular, we analyzed the difficulties that preservice teachers show when expressing their opinion and critically analyzing the information present in the news through their answers to a questionnaire (CRITICIV) and the transcripts of the debate after the reading. It is observed that critical reading skills vary depending on the course. Last year participants were better able to identify the author's point of view, detect evidence in the text, and show reasonable agreement and disagreement after comparing text information to their scientific knowledge. However, they have difficulties in well-founded argumentation. No difficulties were detected in identifying the main ideas of the text and the purpose of the author in any of the courses.
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JournalEducacao e Pesquisa
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2017


  • Argumentation
  • Chemical reaction
  • Critical reading
  • Higher education
  • Newspaper

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