Análisis comparado de la práctica del referendo nacional en España y Colombia desde la aprobación de las Constituciones de 1978 y 1991.

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The present regulation and practice of the referendum comes at Spain and Colombia respectively from the Spanish Constitution of 1978 and the Political Constitution of Colombia of 1991, as well as their development regulation. The practice of the territorial national sphere of the referendum in both countries has been till the present limited, if not incidental. To understand the reasons of this phenomenon, it is inevitable to analyze the regulation as well as the practice of the referendum and to evaluate the elements that would make, in its case, that was more usual in both countries. It is, therefore, the objective of this paper to analyze the practice of the national referendum at Spain and Colombia from the knowledge of their regulation, with the objective of knowing the reasons of the small practice of it in both nations.
Original languageSpanish
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Number of pages16
Issue number25
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2015


  • Colombia
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  • Referendum
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